The Many Faces Of Used Books

The Many Faces Of Used Books

They have a lot of names ( second hand books, used books, thrift books, cheap books, preloved books, stock books ) and they have a lot of faces. A used book is always unique.

The second hand philosophy is not new. It is an attitude towards life closely related to human personality traits. Romantic disposition, curiosity, a need to connect the past with the present and the excitement one gets from discovering little treasures while shopping in a second hand bookstore. And there is more! The knowledge that bying second hand books helps our culture and civilization as well as the environment is profoundly rewarding. Not to mention that it saves us money and gives us the opportunity to read more books.

There are many reasonw for shopping in Palaiovivliothiki-Karamouzas. Most of the times, inside the same store, second hand books have unique, individual properties and characteristics and as a result, different names. They may be old books, rare books, collectible books, hard to find books, out of stock books, antique books! They may also be thrift books, bargain books, cheap books. We take pride in being the biggest modern second hand and antique bookstore in Greece since we can satisfy every desire! We are definitely the number one destination for used books in Thessaloniki.

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