8 Books To Read On The Beach

8 Books To Read On The Beach

Summer is here and booklovers know that books are always an essential part of our holidays! Before you pack your bags take a look at our list with 8 delightful summer reads. Palaiovivliothiki-Karamouzas has a huge variety of used, second hand books.

Click on the following links:

Hakan Nesser - Η Επιστροφή / The Return

Camilla Lackberg - Ο Θηριοδαμαστής 

Jo Nesbo - Νέμεσις / Nemesis

Jorn Lier Horst - Έγκλημα Στα Φιόρδ / Closed For Winter

Karin Fossum - Κάρμεν / Karmen

Liza Marklund - Παράδεισος / Paradise

Nicci French - Οργισμένη Παρασκευή / Friday On My Mind

Sebastian Fitzek - Η θεραπεία / Therapy

Happy summer reading!

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