How To Organise A Cosy Reading Retreat At Home!

How To Organise A Cosy Reading Retreat At Home!

Winter is so closely associated with cosy reading nights by the fire or not, that it is definitely the right season to organise your very own reading retreat! In these difficult times we need things to look forward to and it's not always possible to travel. So why not organise it at home? It seems to be the best way to escape for a while and what’s more it’s cheap, comfortable and at your disposal whenever you need it. 

A reading retreat is time set away from all duties to read books without distraction, an opportunity to hide from the real world for a few hours. You can grant yourself a bookish day or weekend at any time of the year, but an autumn or winter retreat is ideal. The months of September to February are ripe for absorbing new ideas and just cold enough to justify wrapping yourself up in blanket. You can be by yourself or in the company of other bibliophiles, which will give you the chance to read the same book and have a discussion afterwards.

You don't need a lot to create a bookish sanctuary at home and it can be as low-cost or as expensive as you want it to be. Buying second hand books from Palaiovivliothiki-Karamouzas means you can repeat the experience and even treat your friends to a book! The three essentials you need are: Time, a book and a place where you won’t be distracted! But first of all you need a plan! Here's 5 steps to help you organise the perfect reading retreat!


This seems obvious, but how many of us actually gift ourselves space to enjoy reading without interruption? We definitely don’t. There’s always something else to do! Weekends can be the best time, but taking a day off work for your bookish retreat can be really special. If you live with other people then the second option is also often a safer bet for peace and quiet. Once you’ve made a decision, put your date in the diary and stick to it. Let friends and family know you’ll be busy on that day.


To reduce the chances of a book slump on the actual day, we recommend lining up a few reading options. These could include: Short books, books you really want to read from your TBR pile, poetry collections, a classic novel you’ve always wanted to start. In Palaiovivliothiki-Karamouzas we can help you choose the perfect books! 


You don’t have to create anywhere specific for your bookish retreat, but setting up a small book nook will add to the experience. If you already have a favourite reading spot then maybe focus on this area. Add cushions and throws to make the space more comfortable and re-arrange lighting to suit. Use stacking tables to get your reading station sorted so eveything is in easy reach.


The sole aim of your reading retreat is to block out time for bookish pursuits so make sure you have everything on hand a few days beforehand. Here’s what to consider: Snacks, food and drink (as easy to make as possible). Takeaway is also an option! A notepad and pen to record ideas, sticky tabs to annotate pages, a scented candle for mood and playlists if you like to listen to music while you read.


Blocking out all distractions during your reading retreat is vitally important if you’re going to get the most out of your time to read. You can probably guess our top tip before we write it…switch your phone off! If you want to take photos then do a before and after – that way you’ll have a record of the day and a decent page count. Other distractions to avoid include tv, radio, laptops, PCs, tablets – anything with an internet connection and finally people who don't share your need for time to read!

Visit Palaiovivliothiki-Karamouzas and talk to our experts. They will guide you step by step to your very own reading retreat so as to get the most out of this experience!

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