Halloween Decoration and Spooky Books

Halloween Decoration and Spooky Books

There is no doubt that booklovers around the world love Halloween and everything that comes with that special holiday! Trick or treat, spooky decorations and horror books are all so appealing that we tend to celebrate Halloween for almost a month! And why not? The colors are perfect for automn and pumkins are just adorable!

Did you know that you can easily make paper pumkins either from scraps of paper or from newspapers and magazines? You can even upcycle damaged books instead of throwing them away! So, you can be both environmentally conscious and creative! You can find a lot of tutorials on the internet which explain the proceedure in simlpe steps. Why don't you have a go this year?


As so many people love to read horror novels, thrillers and detective stories, Halloween is the perfect excuse binge reading! Palaiovivliothiki has a great variety of such books and here are the links of 5 suggestions for this year's Halloween Season.

1. Graham Masterton - The Sleepless

2. Mo Hayder - Birdman

3. Collective - The Ashes Of Our Soul 

4. Thomas Harris - The Silence Of The Lambs

5. Dean Koontz - By The Light Of The Moon

Check out our proposals and find a lot more books in our horror, thriller and mystery sections in oldbookskaramouzas.com and our physical store! Place your orders by e-mail or call 2310 218049!

Have the spookiest Halloween!


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