Sell Your Books

*This service is only available during periods when bookstores are open and in full operation.

Palaiovivliothiki supports booklovers at these difficult times by giving them the opportunity to benefit from the books they no longer want! Give your unwanted books a second chance and get a discount for the books you really want!

You can bring 3 books and get a discount for your purchases. For every 3 books you bring, you get a 3,00 euro immediate discount! You can bring 3 books as often as you like! Use the discount for immediate purchases and buy whatever you want.... even books on offer! Book recycling! Amazing!

*We only take books (greek or in other languages)

*Due to limited space we only take 3 books at a time

*The books should be well selling and in excellent condition 

*We DO NOT TAKE encyclopedias, school books and tutoring books

*The discount is valid for immediate use and cannot be transferred to another date or another person

  For further information, please contact us