Mystery Gifts

Mystery Gifts

A new, groundbreaking and playful idea for cheap gifts with the prestige of the biggest second hand bookstore in Grece! Get a souvenir from the most historic bookstore of Thessaloniki for you or your friends! They are cute, light and travel friendly.

Mystery gifts are little handmade paper bags which contain a vintage postcard AND a mystery gift and they come in various editions! All the postcards inside them are vintage and can be used and the gifts vary and can be anything from books to stationary items or seasonal gifts depending on the edition.

There are classic, booklovers special and seasonal editions available.

You can find the classic and booklovers special edition all year round and seasonal editions during certain periods (christmas, easter, halloween, valentine, spring, summer holidays, back to school editions)

They cost only 1,00, 2,00 & 3,00 euros and they are the cheapest bookish gifts!

Mystery Gifts

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