Styling Ideas To Transform Your Bookshelves

Styling Ideas To Transform Your Bookshelves

September is here and it's the perfect time of the year to re-arrange your bookshelves and transforrm your home libraries. Automn and winter are definitely the seasons when you feel the need for a cosy reading nook which you can create next to your redecorated bookshelves.

In this blog post, we are going to give you 5 bookshelf styling ideas and multiple ways of how to set out your books. These displays can be adapted to include many different types of books. So, why style your bookshelves? Good question since there’s a purist school of thought according to which bookshelves should only be arranged by content - that is by author, subject or genre and when it comes to easy reference, this is certainly the best way. Needless to say that this is the way we arrange our books in Palaiovivliothiki but we are a bookstore with thousands of books and it can't be helped! When you arrange a home library there is no need to be so austere and booklovers all over the world can give you numerous reasons for styling bookshelves in visual ways:

Variety - You never get bored of the way your books look.

Appreciation of Art - Book artwork remains hidden when books are arranged by spines. Reframing your book collection can highlight hidden beauty. 

Rediscovering Your Own Books - If you have a sizeable book collection then it’s easy to overlook or forget certain titles. You’re more likely to resdicover hidden gems by occasionally re-arranging your bookshelves

Highlighting Themes According To Your Current Mood - You can highlight themes that you are currently fond of, using covers, colours and book stacking methods creating a cosy atmosphere.

Highlighting Colors For Purposes Of Interior Design - A thoughtfully-styled feature bookshelf can transform the design and mood of a room. Minimalist inspires simplicity, monochrome sparks the intellect, rainbow lights up a sombre corner, pastel relaxes and you can even style your bookshelves to match the season... pumkins, christmas decorations, snowflakes, flowers and plants, sea shells! There is literally no end to what you can decorate your shelves with!

Here are 5 styling ideas that will transform your home libraries!






Tell us in the comment section which one is your favourite and make your own suggestions! Don't forget that we are experts in book arranging and shelf organizing, so do not hesitate to ask for advice. Palaiovivliothiki - Old Books Karamouzas is a bookshelf heaven!

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